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My supplier of hypnosis downloads and cd audio programs for Self Help, Healing and Personal Development have been selected for their ethical and professional approach, coupled with the many years of personal experience and knowledge of the company founders and associates.

The Company: hypnosisdownloads.com

Following a significant search and evaluation activity I selected what I consider to be the best company in the world for providing healing and wellbeing, personal development and change work using the talking therapies coupled with modern electronic communication methods, the hypnosis downloads.


The reasons for choosing Hypnosis Downloads as a supplier for many of the products I recommend is because of the ethical approach of the company, combined with the wealth of first-hand experience of both the founders and the other key members of the company.


They combine their varied expertise to cover the fields of personal development and health and wellbeing. I particularly like their process applied in the creation of each program and audio production.


Hypnosis Downloads was founded in 2003 as an offshoot of the company Uncommon Knowledge which was formed in 1995. Co-founders Mark Tyrell and Roger Elliott have trained over 24,000 students to date in face to face workshops.


Hypnosis Downloads have over 1000 personal change subjects to offer and have a proven track record having supplied over 600,000 recordings since formation. Each audio program is created utilising the expertise of each of the four specialists within the company.

The Therapists; Creators for Hypnosis Downloads

Mark Tyrell (Creative Director) develops the structure of the product range and each audio solution, Joseph Kao (Script Writer) primarily writes the scripts, Kathleen Fedouloff (Content Director) utilises her extensive knowledge and experience to review and evaluate each program and Roger Elliott (Managing Director) records most of the programs with his pleasing and pleasant voice and inspiring presentation. All this work culminates in a state of art sound studio for high quality recordings.

The Guarantee:

Hypnosis Downloads place ethics first and:


  1. Will only create audio downloads for issues or subjects for which they have successfully treated themselves, or
  2. There is research that supports the effectiveness of hypnosis or
  3. Where common sense prevails.


Hypnosis Downloads are so confident of their process and the products produced they provide a money back guarantee.


If you would like more information about Hypnosis Downloads and would like to meet and hear the four professionals themselves then click a link below and when on their site select the about us tab at the top:

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