Hypnosis Instructions

How hypnotherapy works: After the initial conversation and a full history being taken the therapist will continue with a series of hypnosis instructions.

Instructions are given to you in a non authoritative manner, which guide you into a more relaxed empowered and responsive state of mind. Specific hypnosis instructions continue to help you enter a very relaxed meditative mood. When a suitably relaxed state is achieved therapeutic instructions carry out problem resolution work.

The hypnotherapy technique combines a series of types of instruction which creates a suitable frame of mind to work with and resolve any problems or issues.

The first phase after the history is taken is to carry out a hypnotic induction. There are many hypnotic induction techniques some are simply verbal instructions and some combine physical action and verbal instruction.

The next phase is hypnotherapy deepening; these techniques again can be just verbal instructions or a combination of physical and verbal actions and instructions.

The next phase is the therapy session itself, this may involve conversational or Eriksonian techniques, regression therapy or a whole host of psycho therapeutic methods to identify cause, elicit change and resolve the problems being experienced.

Hypnotherapists often create hypnotherapy scripts which they can follow. The main reason for this, other than for sharing successful solutions, is that the language used during hypnosis is very important and care should be taken over what words are used and how they are delivered. Hypnosis scripts thus help the therapist to be more precise and create greater levels of success.