Children and Hypnosis

Hypnosis is widely used for children as it is a safe and successful option for the treatment of many common childhood problems.

A skilled therapist can readily move into the child’s world and using game style interactions quickly elicit trust followed by the desired change. Many problems may be resolved quickly and efficiently reducing levels of anxiety and the need for drugs.

Effects of Hypnosis on children :

Hypnosis id safe for all ages, however achieving a level of good communication with very young children is the challenge for the hypnotherapist. Most children find it interesting and initially exciting, like a new game or toy. If a number of sessions are required, then maintaining the child’s interest is just as important as going through the standard treatment protocol.

Does it work? :

Yes, children generally respond very quickly to hypnotherapy and many ongoing problems may be eliminated rapidly and effectively. The use of hypnosis can reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

Bedwetting Hypnosis :

Nocturnal enuresis is often seen to be a problem when a child passes a certain age. Most children naturally grow out of it, gaining control of all their muscles at an unconscious level. If your child needs help hypnotherapy for bedwetting is very effective and will provide both input to the child and support and guidance for you.

Fear of the Dentist :

Hypnotherapy is useful for helping people of all ages overcome fear of the dentist. This includes a general fear as well as more specific fears such as gagging. Some hypno-therapists communicate with the dentist who is often willing to assist in the whole process.

Obesity :

Childhood obesity has fast become a major problem in the west and is getting worse. If we as parents don’t tackle the problem fast we will be setting our children up to experience health problems, pain and suffering, we have rarely seen ourselves.

Diseases which previously only afflicted the older person including diabetes, heart disease and many cancers are occurring in children and teenagers in greater numbers and the predominant causative factors are obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse. Our children are in danger of suffering extreme pain for years and dying prematurely if we don’t do something fast. Hypnosis is extremely useful especially when combined in a holistic program.

Fears and phobias :

There is a wide range of fears and phobias and a balance has to be taken between a child just being extra sensitive, nervous or apprehensive compared to a problem being a severe hindrance in their every day life. Hypnosis is a great help with all fears and phobias for children and adult alike.

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Exams :

Many children of all ages suffer from exam nerves and nerves associated with the pressure of succeeding at school. Hypnosis can help enormously in this area providing support for both you and your child.

In addition to nervousness there are a number of solutions to help students of all ages cope with the act of studying and memorising for exams. Techniques like self hypnosis and speed reading may be taught enabling students and adults to cope with large amounts of material while improving comprehension and memory.

Natal Hypnotherapy :

Hypnotherapy is frequently utilized during the whole pre and post natal process. It may help with improving confidence, fears, pain relief and post natal depression. In addition hypnosis has demonstrated great success in fertility treatments for both men and women.

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