Children and Smoking

Children who are surrounded by smoking adults are more likely to suffer from debilitating ailments while, such as Asthma. They are also more likely to become smokers themselves from an early age. Smokers in this category are 50% more likely to die from a smoking related disease.

Passive smoking:

If you smoke in a confined space or if you are in a confined space where people are smoking you will ingest dangerous toxic chemicals. Children in particular are more vulnerable to immediate and long term debilitating ailments and disease as there bodies are still growing.

My experience:

When my daughter was young, each year she would suffer from bad chesty colds, heavier than the average child. At about the age of 15 she suffered with several attacks of wheezing and was diagnosed as asthmatic.

The following year my wife and I attempted to stop smoking and the improvement in our daughter’s health was immediate and so obviously connected to our stopping smoking that we decided not to smoke in the house again, even though at that time we both failed to give up totally.

Our daughter is now in her mid 30's and has not suffered from an asthmatic attack or a heavy chesty cold since.

Conditions suffered by children:

Children surrounded by smokers often suffer from ear infections, asthma, bacterial meningitis and many other minor ailments.

Physiological impact:

Children who are surrounded by smoking adults are more likely to smoke themselves, starting at an early age. These same children are 50% more likely to suffer debilitating smoking related diseases and die at an earlier age.

Conditions suffered as adults:

Many types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, three of our major killers.

Personal costs:

Smoking related diseases cause massive amounts of pain and discomfort to children, the parents of children and adult smokers throughout a lifetime, many suffering for years in pain with enormous levels discomfort.

Financially smoking cigarettes just does not make sense, either in terms of weekly, monthly or yearly outgoings.

Social costs:

All tax payers are paying for the treatment of smokers going through the health service. In addition many will suffer minor and major ailments as a result of ingesting toxic chemicals from the air, some may even die as a result.

Any other drug that causes this many deaths are nearly always made illegal.

What you can do?:

As a parent you can smoke in the open air and preferably out of site of your child. Ideally you need to stop, not only for your own health but to safe guard the health of your children.

All smokers should be considerate of the health of others especially children. Smoking out of sight of children, and never in enclosed environments.

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