Hypnosis For Females

Your first paragraph ...Woman can benefit greatly from Hypnosis throughout their life.

Female Hypnosis helps to overcome many problems including period pain, menopause, many aspects of birthing and child rearing, sexual activity and enjoyment.

Girls under hypnosis are usually given special consideration due to the emotional changes taking place during puberty. Many problems will resolve themselves after this difficult time; however hypnosis is seen as a safe drug free alternative to help resolve many issues.

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Common female problems are often helped, including period pain, and menopausal symptoms. Hypnosis used as part of a holistic approach is often very successful in bringing relief.

A significant level of success has been achieved with infertility problems for both men and woman, where there is no underlying physical reason to prevent pregnancy.  


Following on from infertility, childbirth may utilize many aspects of hypnosis ranging from morning sickness, smoking cessation, fear and confidence, natural birthing and pain control through to post natal depression and other issues. Utilization of hypnosis can make all the difference reducing levels of drugs used throughout the whole process

As children grow childhood hypnosis becomes a fantastic support tool helping parents and children with many issues in a holistic safe drug free way. Childhood problems such as bed-wetting, confidence, exam nerves, fears and phobias may all be eliminated or significantly relieved.