Healing and Hypnosis

Often our so called unconscious mind is in conflict with the natural healing processes which are constantly at work creating a healthy vibrant mind, body, spirit system.

Hypnotherapy in combination with healing, (sometimes referred to as hypno-healing), is a technique where the therapist utilizes universal healing energy to promote a more in depth response to the usual talking therapy, and often increases the effectiveness of healing energies being created, received or applied.


If you review the history of Hypnosis you will see that the act of hypnosis has been intertwined with that of healing from the laying on of hands, faith healing, and other occult or tribal practices since ancient times.

Traditional clinical hypnosis has largely ignored the early theory of medicine by Galen of Pergamum (ca 130 - ca 200) who postulated that an invisible fluid which filled the universe flowed through all of us and the imbalance of this fluid caused sickness. If you replace the word “fluid” for “energy” this theory can be upheld and is today being scientifically proven.

As hypnosis was established however, the consideration of utilising the universal energy has all but been forgotten or ignored mainly due to the lack of scientific proof of its existence.

Traditional hypnosis therefore largely only contributes healing to the use of focused attention to create a trance state, belief, combined with suggestion and the bodies natural ability to respond and heal.

Recent History :

Today however with more scientific evidence being established for the existence of universal energy, and the demonstrable acts that it can be utilized by man for healing purpose, more people are open to using healing and many therapists are combining hypnosis with the application of energy healing.

Kirlian photography shows energy fields around all living matter and pictures of the bodies aura, which spiritual healers and energy healers have attested to for hundreds of years, is now made visible to us all.

Scientific studies have shown individuals can communicate even when locked away within sound proof rooms.

A recent study of note involved the impact of prayer on patients undergoing heart surgery in America. The group was split between those being prayed for and those not. No one person knew who was being prayed for until after the results were collected. The results were statistically positive in that the group that received prayer recovered from the operations faster, healed faster, and subsequently suffered lower mortality. All prayer was done at a distance involving a number of healing or prayer groups.

Hypno-Healing :

Hypno-healing is especially useful where multiple complex psychological and physical symptoms exist. The so called unconscious mind can and has frequently been found to maintain physical and emotional states which are detrimental and problematic to healthy living. There is nearly always a positive reason for this and or an unconscious belief why the maintenance of such a negative state is essential.

Hypnotherapy is effective in altering or substituting these beliefs at an unconscious level which then opens the door for more effective and successful healing of physical and emotional symptoms.

My experience has shown to me and my clients that when used appropriately healing combined with Hypnosis has an immediate and more impact-full response than by using hypnosis alone.

This in itself helps the client cope and provides a more positive outlook which assists in the healing process as a whole.

I site one such case here as an example:

Alice (Name replaced) presented to me following treatment for a brain tumor. She had had follow up treatment (Drugs) for the physical, emotional and social problems which she was continuing to experience. Despite this she continued to suffer.

Following just two to three sessions where I combined conventional clinical hypnotherapy along with healing Jackie stated "You have given me my life back". I continued to treat Jackie for a number of months until natural improvement was a given and Jackie was confident in coping by herself.

During Hypnosis Jackie experienced a more in depth feeling of relaxation, feelings of vibrant energy, a tingling sensation flowing through her body, she also took longer to become fully associated to her present following hypnosis. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and immediately felt confident that positive change was taking place.

As a therapist applying healing I find full concentration is required on the talking therapy processes during certain stages, and at other stages a more autonomic activity is possible. It is during these automatic stages when the therapist can focus the mind on the application of healing, balancing between successful healing and successful clinical hypnosis.

Different healers may use different techniques depending on training and there beliefs. If the hypnosis session is complex I would set aside a separate period during the trance for silence, reflection and for the therapist to apply energy healing.

Sadly only a small number of therapists utilize this additional, powerful process to enhance there treatments. I believe this is changing as scientific evidence grows and establishes the more ethereal healing practices as proven. It’s ironic really as the history of hypnosis is turned on its head once more and the trance with belief and suggestion is once again re-united with energetic healing.