Clinical Hypnosis Training College

There are many reputable hypnosis training colleges that are available throughout the world today and making the right choice can be pretty daunting.

I started my training in 1995 with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, (LCCH), who were teaching from Burbeck College in London at that time. They are now accredited by the University of Greenwich / RCN Thames Valley University and teach in various locations throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

The LCCH have a full program: The CPPD in Clinical Hypnosis (Certificate), Post-Graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Diploma), CPPD Practitioner Studies (Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis) and CPPD in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH Practitioner Diploma) courses have been validated by the Thames Valley University.

The LCCH and TVU are offering the CPPD in Clinical Hypnosis as an entry point qualification for a Post Graduate programme leading towards a Masters degree in Clinical Hypnosis.

I can highly recommend the LCCH for training in Clinical Hypnotherapy. They are dedicated in providing excellent training and support, in addition to keeping pace with latest developments. For more details link below:

London College of Clinical Hypnosis: more information