Self Hypnosis CDs

The following self hypnosis cds and mp3’s are a mixture of professionally crafted audio programs supplied and produced both by myself and other carefully selected leading companies in the world. Topics are varied and include health and wellbeing, self-help and healing to name but a few.


1. Self Hypnosis CDs
2. The audio Programs

1. Self Hypnosis CDs

The self hypnosis cds and mp3’s that I’m pleased to be able to present to you are both created and produced by myself and several world leading companies in the fields of health and wellbeing, self-help and personal development.

The reasons for selecting products from other suppliers in addition to my own are:


  • To provide a wide selection of health and personal development solutions which are immediately available today


  • To allow you to select solutions which are produced in slightly different ways and that match your personal preference. I have found through client feedback that having these choices are beneficial for enhanced long term success.


All of the audios that I present to you are crafted to the highest professional standards, both in terms of the content, which in the field of talking therapies is of utmost importance, and of course in terms of production methods.


You will find that the content includes both traditional and modern hypnosis language patterns, taken from the fields of psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This combination in my personal opinion provides possibly the most successful model for change, development and healing that is available today. In fact many more recent therapies are simplified aspects of the traditional all-encompassing models and often only focus on one diluted process or technique.


You will find some audio programs are easy to listen to and exactly what you may expect, whereas others introduce background voices which may at first feel confusing to the soundscape. Hypnosis professionals utilize many tools in a therapy session and when it comes to audio programs subliminal techniques are frequently incorporated as they have a proven track record. If you have selected this format, I would urge you to stay with it, as I am confident that you will quickly become accustomed to the sounds and after a couple of playing’s you will not notice the background sounds at all. The results will be well worth the little effort required in simply getting used to something new.


Hypnosis recordings may sometimes be totally successful in one single playing, however it is more usual for success to become more apparent over time and following a number of playing’s. Think of it like a course of antibiotics, you need to complete the whole course for maximum success. I would recommend that you prepare appropriately for the change, development or healing to come and be ready to work at it to maximise your personal levels of success. As a minimum I would suggest the following.


  • Play the recording daily for the first week, three times in week 2 and weekly in weeks 3 and 4. After that you may find that the recording is helpful as a form of top up from time to time. (If there are other instructions with the audio selected then follow those instructions instead of, or as well as these here.)


  • Before starting any change work, obtain and begin a journal. Start by stating your present status both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Try to provide specific measures for anything you are going to be working on. If you work with a therapist ask them for assistance. If you visit a therapist later your journal will be extremely helpful and beneficial for you both to refer to.


Note: All items are immediately available for download and many can be ordered in CD format. 

2, Audio Programs from:

Here is my list of selected audio programs: You will find a comprehensive list from each supplier below.

Also for more details of each supplier simply select the Supplier Review link below.


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