Self Hypnosis

A vibrant energy boosting life enhancing activity! It's not what you would expect as a description for self hypnosis, a state of mind often referred to as a sleep state. But self hypnosis really is an experience that can make every cell in your body resonate and buzz with health and energy.

During my training as a clinical hypnotherapist I experienced hypnosis when applied by other students, and I also practiced self hypnosis at home to assist as a study aid for memory recall, concentration, self confidence, and to demonstrate to myself various experiences such as arm levitation and pain control.

Over the years I have utilised this fantastic mind process to overcome fears of public speaking, and to reduce and eliminate physical ailments suffered all my life. (Rhinitis and hay fever).

Self Hypnosis Instruction is fairly easy to learn, or even simple to experience if you purchase suitable self hypnosis tapes. If you try this for yourself you must follow the instructions to the tee, any shortcuts may result in poor results, which would be a shame as this mind exercise can really change your life for the better.

If you have any difficulties, it may be worth having personal instruction initially from an experienced therapist who will guide you through the whole process ensuring you get maximum results from the exercise.

If you have a specific reason for considering self hypnosis and are not sure if it will help send an email or simply complete the form below and I will be glad to help.

There are a number of self hypnosis techniques some may be more suitable for you than others so do try various methods.

You will also find a vast array of self hypnosis scripts which you can use for various purposes. Remember scripts are useful because of the words used, the language in therapy is very important and if you are not trained you may find that it just doesn't work for you. One reason may simply be the language and words you are using. If this is the case you should consult a trained therapist who can guide you or contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

Please try this fantastic vibrant life enhancing process it could make a huge difference to you health and life...