Under Hypnosis

The experience of being in a hypnotic trance, or under hypnosis is similar for most people, but with slightly different variations on the experience. Generally most people have a vibrant sense of well being during and after hypnosis. It’s a fantastic mind, body spirit exercise that can provide lifetime benefits for all.

My Experience:

When I have experienced hypnosis, either by self hypnosis instruction, or when guided by a therapist, I have found the experience extremely rewarding. My body becomes very relaxed as the muscles are let go, a sense of heaviness and sagging takes place physically. Mentally I become more aware and focused on my thoughts. I am in essence wide awake and in full control.

As the therapist talks, I sometimes am fully aware and following the instructions or listening to what is said, and sometimes I find myself just drifting, like daydreaming. When deeply hypnotized I feel a sense of buzzing, being at one, or at peace with the world. It is akin to deep meditation, but usually with a purpose. On waking I feel exalted, fully rested and rejuvenated. On the one hand peaceful and relaxed, on the other a sense of satisfaction and success, knowing that something good and beneficial has been achieved.

My Clients Experience: Most clients experience similar physical and emotional effects on their mind body system, I have never had a client yet who said they did not enjoy the experience.

Many clients feel a bit strange if they are not used to being mentally and physically relaxed at a deep level, while maintaining a high level of mental alertness. It’s almost like being asleep and wide awake at the same time. Hence the terminology often used as going deep asleep in the induction process. You are not however deep asleep or out of your own control. You can arouse yourself at will at any time.

Some clients enjoy the experience so much that they return even when underlying problems have effectively been resolved. At this time the therapist will either transfer to other beneficial uses to enhance the client’s health and life further or train the client in the use of self hypnosis. The experience is beneficial for stress relief and general healing irrespective of other purposes.

Many clients experience feelings of well being, feelings of having deeply rested and rejuvenated every cell buzzing with life force energy, and a sense of just knowing something beneficial has taken place. Depending on the therapy process undertaken many clients will have connected with their unconscious, life force, or soul, and will be experiencing a sense of wonderment and excitement that such a connection could be achieved. This connection often creates a sense of knowing oneself to a much deeper level, and provides proof for some that the therapy will work and resolve the issues that the client is suffering with.

One client, after having been treated with a brain tumor and coming for additional ongoing social issue said, "You have given me my life back". As a therapist that is so good to hear.

Your Experience: I invite you to add your experiences here so that others can understand the process and what they may expect.